What we sell

our-peat-topsoil sand-loam-topsoil

Peat / Organic Topsoil

Good for vegie gardens and plants – Adding peat moss to your topsoil in your vegie patch or garden will improve the quality greatly. It will increase the acidic level and also improve soil drainage

Sandy Loam topsoil

Good for turf all types of grass and grass seeds. Our sandy loam topsoil is made up of mainly sand with some silt and clay. Its great for turf as it allows enough water to be soaked into the ground and the air to circulate.

topsoil washed-sand

Garden topsoil

Good for gardens and lawns

Our healthy garden topsoil will provide great growing conditions for your plants and lawn. (The worms love it!)

Washed Sand

Our washed sand is great for sweeping into your paving and also for making concrete. It is also great for rendering and plastering. Use it for filling sandpits for the kids.

brickies-sand paving-sand

Brickies Sand

Our brickies sand has a clay component that blends well in making your mortar.

Packing Sand

Our packing sand is a great base for paving, for under water tanks and concrete slabs. The great drainage qualities are seeing it used increasingly in garden pathways.

rock-dust crushed-rock

Rock Dust

Our rock dust is great for driveways and pathways or under concrete slabs. It is also now being used increasingly in the garden adding it to your soil once a year releasing fabulous trace elements.

Crushed Rock

Available in various sizes

Our crushed rock is used in so many ways. Use for driveways, pathways, landscaping, French drains, septic systems and bases water tanks.
Our rock comes in various sizes perfect for any job you need to do.

20mm-aggregate pea-gravel


Our loose stone aggregates come in 2 sizes.20mm Used for drainage, pathways, driveways and garden beds.7mm (Quarter Minus) Used for drainage, filtration, pathways and driveways.

Pea Gravel

Our pea gravel is a natural and efficient method to build stable and comfortable pathways and driveways. It creates a rustic and casual look for your home.

crushed-granite firewood-splits

Crushed Granite

Available in 14mm or 20mm

Used either for natural, rustic pathways and driveways in subtle hues of greys and browns.


Different types available

Our firewood comes in both pre bundled splits or in blocks.

pine-bark cottagemulch

Pine Bark

Available in 2 inch and 1/2 inch

Use it around playgrounds or around your garden

Cottage Mulch

The bread and butter of mulches, priced and works well.Can be used in many situations. It helps to maintain soil temperature and suppress weed growth.

euca-mulch our-topsoils-and-sawdusts

Euca Mulch

Our Euca mulch is an efficient method to make a soft and springy pathway. If laid thickly it will help to suppress weeds.

Chips and Sawdust

Our wood chips blend well with most natural surrounds and make a comfortable surface to walk on.

Our sawdust compacts well and is used in sheds and pathways.

lucerne-hay-in-storage sugar-cane-mulch


Our Lucerne hay is available in small and large bales.

Use our lucerne to mulch your garden. It suppresses weeds, protects the soil and adds much needed nutrients.

Sugarcane Mulch

Our sugar cane mulch is sold in bags for ease in taking to your garden. Use it to retain water and as an effective weed suppressor.

white-pebbles small-pebbles

White Pebbles

Sizes: 20mm 10/14mm 40mm all popular showcases for garden beds

Our natural Snow White pebbles come in 10-14mm, 20mm and 40mm. Use them to create stunning garden beds, garden features and pathways. They will provide a wonderful contrast to your plants and other garden features.

River Pebbles

Our river pebbles are available in an array of different colours and textures. Use them in your landscaping projects to create decorative borders, ground covers, patios and more.

yates-blood-and-bone fertiliser-top-seller

Blood and Bone

Our Blood and Bone fertilizer provides a complete balanced formulation and is suitable for a wide range plants.

Dynamic Lifter

Our Dynamic Lifter is a natural slow release fertilizer with neutral pH. It improves soil structure and facilitates nutrient retention.

chook-manure mushroom-compost

Chook Manure

Our Chook Manure has high nitrogen levels ideal for clay breakdown and compost breakdown. Use it to make your own chook poop tea to water into your garden.

Mushroom Compost

Our mushroom compost is totally organic extremely versatile. Use it prepare your garden beds prior to sowing or top dress exiting plants.

yates-seed-raising-mix ornaments-near-the-office

Seed Raising Mix

Our seed raising mix is specially formulated to aid trouble free germination and feed your seedlings and cuttings until planting out.

Garden Ornaments

Concrete and Steel

mr-fothergills grasses

Mr Fothergill Seeds

Our range of Mr. Fothergills seeds offer Australian gardeners the very best packet seeds with quality guarantee. Available in flowers and vegetables.

Grass Seeds

Our grass seeds will help you plant out a lawn, a field or to bolster existing grass areas.

gardentools gardening

Garden Equipment

Shovels, Rakes etc available at competitive prices.Our tools help achieve many tasks in the garden.


Equipment Hire