Who is Heyfield Garden Supplies…

Who is Heyfield Garden Supplies….

At Heyfield Garden Supplies you will find all the essential solutions for your gardening and landscaping needs. .
We are constantly adding new products to fulfil the needs of our gardeners and builders in our local area.
Heyfield Garden Supplies sells everything from gravel and dirt, mulches and barks, pebbles and stones, fertilisers and manures, seeds and tools.
Heyfield Garden Supplies has some essential equipment for hire that you may need to complete even the most ambitious project.
We are based in Heyfield and pride ourselves in supplying the local and surrounding area.

What we do…

What we do….

At Heyfield Garden Supplies we are experienced with all your building and gardening needs.
Heyfield Garden Supplies offers an essential range of all the important gardening supplies you will need to ensure a bountiful garden and well designed landscape.
We offer honest and expert advice to ensure you are equipped with all the right supplies.
Our reliable delivery service is sought after around the local area and no job is too small.

How we do things…

How we do things….

We pride ourselves on being very price competitive.
Our mission is to buy the best and buy it right just for you.
If we haven’t got it in the yard then we can certainly get it for you.
At Heyfield Garden supplies we consider service is vital.
We aim to provide what you need, when you need it.
Come visit us at Heyfield Garden Supplies.

Where you can find us…

Where you can find us….

Heyfield Garden Supplies is located at 39-61 Weir Road in Heyfield.
We are open weekdays and Saturday Morning.

Monday to Friday 8am to 4.30pm
Saturday 9am till midday.
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

We will also open by appointment.
Call us on 0487 878 760

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